Thursday, 5 May 2011

A zebra can't change its stripes

Cindy Crawford, Vogue '87 / L'Agence jeans / A.P.C. striped t-shirt / Aubin & Wills striped t-shirt / Office sandals / Clarks sandals / Stella s/s '11 / turnedout / Prada s/s '11

Okay, we all know that this spring/summer we're supposed to be ditching our Breton's and donning a migraine-inducing Fruit Pastille lolly ensemble. Muiccia and Jil told us, Vogue from every corner of the globe is telling us, and the high street is screaming it at us so hard I'm surprised it hasn't lost its voice. While I want to embrace The Stripe - I really do, my wardrobe is bursting with them - the rainbow-bumblebee-look looks as if it will be sticking with us for as long as it takes for your '99 to melt. I guess I want something with a little more longevity. Cindy's clashing-but-matching horizontal stripe get-up is just outside of the majority's comfort zone, giving it an edge, yet still manages to look classic over twenty years on.

Like I said, I'm not short of a striped piece or ten, so I'm using this season as an excuse to wear my existing classic pieces all at once. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that these get restocked by the Topshop fairies so I can clash it with one of my million Breton tops, a pair of nice sensible brown sandals and my pasty English legs.

How are you wearing your stripes this year? And does anybody know if zebras can change their stripes?!

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