Wednesday, 25 May 2011


Second-hand dungaree dress / St. Michael via my dad jumper / Casio watch / Topshop shoes / Second-hand rucksack

This bag is something of a novelty to me! Having not worn a rucksack since about year 9 (back when I defiantly put my foot down and demanded a 'cooler' shoulder bag for school) it's weird to have my hands free and not having a satchel banging against my side. It's huuuge as well, so I can carry all my wordly goods around on my back if I really want to. Eat your heart out Mary Poppins. Plus, I'm always cold, so it allows me to put both hands in my pockets. Winner winner chicken dinner.


  1. what u're wearing in the pics is awesome!
    i have a leather ruck-sack like urs!
    i'm really in love with ur shoes...


  2. SO CUTE! All your outfit posts are amazing :D

  3. Hahaha at your post title so appropriate but also slightly misleading ;)
    I love back packs/rucksacks. Leather ones are everywhere in Melbs at the moment! Love your vintage Casio as well xx

  4. This outfit is perfect, I'm dying to find a bag like this !!!! I love the way yoy picture all this.

    See U !

  5. ohhh i love your loafers. unfortunately they are already sold out. cute outfit btw :)