Monday, 9 May 2011

Simply red

If you were British girl and between the ages of 9 and 13 around the year 2000, it's a pretty safe bet that you read Mizz magazine. For those who weren't lucky enough to have a subscription from Dodgy Dave's newsagents or were simply denied it by geography, it was your typical pre-teen magazine, with celebrity gossip, 'Which member of S Club 7 would be your best friend?' type quizzes and fashion tips.

As well as helping pre-teens find their fashion feet, Mizz also offered advice to clueless girls how to pick up boys that were more interested in Pokemon than they were in the fairer sex. One 'tip' that has stuck in my mind is to wear one colour head-to-toe to a party. Apparantly it makes boys notice you more, and when "your crush" sees that colour again he will associate it with you. Clearly it's not Freudian-level psychology, but the abudance of colour that's around this season has made me very aware of the potential effect that I might be unintentionally having on the opposite sex.

Betty Jackson A/W '11 / Paul & Joe A/W '11 / Charles Anastase A/W '11

I haven't really got on board with head-to-toe paintbox colour trend for spring/summer, but I like that it's sticking around for autumn/winter in my favourite hue. Head-to-toe anything requires a lot of commitment, be it an adult onesie or matching separates of any colour of the rainbow. I myself have always been an all-or-nothing person, so, choosing to ignore Mizz's words of warning and risking leaving broken hearts scattered in my wake, why bother with red nails or lips when I can get away with wearing it from my hair to my heels? What do you think, is monochrome red a good thing or will I end up losing friends because they all get dots on their eyes when they hang out with me?


  1. that first photo is how i wish i could dress - big o -neck sweater tucked into oversized pants. and all in bright fire engine red!



  2. I love the first look, that sweater is awesome :) & I have never heard of Mizz, have they stopped the magazine now? :)

    Day By Diva
    Day By Diva

  3. Isn't it gorgeous? Might have to get my knitting needles out, surely by the time winter rolls around I'll be able to knock something similar up..? x

    And as for Mizz magazine, I'm pretty sure they do, although I doubt you'll have the early noughties eye candy posters like Ben from A1 or Nicky from Westlife, ha x