Monday, 16 May 2011

Things that aren't mine

Our house is like a Chinese laundry the majority of the time (none of this minimalist, clutter-free malarky), so I always get a good look at what my respective family members have stashed in their wardrobes. Currently eyeing up this Harvey Nichols cord shirt and a pair of Marks and Sparks boating shoes. It's stuff like this that makes me wish I was a boy - in a non identity crisis kinda way, just so I could show the other boys how to dress.

How was your weekend? I spent mine at work, catching up with my best friend who has just returned from a trip round America and talking about how amazing Liam Neeson is. I also got overly competitive and oddly patriotic while watching Eurovision. It's a dark day when Jedward make me proud to be Irish. Click the link - catchier than the common cold.


  1. Love the cord shirt! I'd definitley wear it :) Haha oh Jedward did make me giggle!! :)

    London's Closet xoxo

  2. Ha you weren't kidding! You know I'm all about 'borrowing'. Get amongst it!