Sunday, 16 December 2012

Our Era

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Isn't it inherently human to want what other people have? I'm sure this started as some kind of primeval need to acquire the best resources for oneself, but in the age of the Internet it just fans the flames of the-grass-is-always-greener envy. I wish I was blessed with naturally wavy hair and olive skin to the same extent that, I'm sure, others desire my naturally straight, frizz-free locks and milky complexion. While we're wishing for stuff that won't ever happen, I also wish that, instead of my haphazard and geeky English style sensibilities, I had a Scandinavian approach to getting dressed - embodied by Johanna och Jennifer. Not only do Johanna and Jennifer look impossibly cool in their huge bomber jackets, clompy boots and beanies, they manage to dress for the weather, a task that consistently eludes me. They have just opened their own online store, Our Era. These images are taken from the lookbook of their latest venture and provide more stalkspiration for Scandophiles (?) like me. 

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  1. I know exactly what you mean but we just need to love ourselfs who we are ^_^