Wednesday, 15 June 2011

That's P, as in Phoebe

It's hard to feel inspired right now, since my life seems to be revolving around exams. Phoebe Philo's resort collection for Celine, however, remedied that. It is just about the only thing in the last couple of weeks that lit my proverbial fire. Floated my boat. Got my juices flowing. You choose your favourite metaphor. It seemed to synthesise all the thoughts that have been floating around in my head for the last few weeks - pink, white, monochrome, flatforms, sheer things, velvet, pointed shoes, shiny things. The accessories were killer - I would do unspeakable things for those gold flatforms. While it has the same polished and 'fashion-y' Celine aesthetic that has become so popular, I couldn't help but feel there was more than a little bit of English eccentricity thrown into the mix, which feels refreshing after a few seasons of things that are all very 'good taste'. After all, our girl Phoebs hails from this green and pleasant land, and you can't deny your roots. Plus, it would have to be an Englishman who pioneered going out in your pyjamas.


  1. Such a lovely and in ways surprising collection, I didn't see the florals or the vibrant pink coming yet I loved them! I'm with you on the gold flatforms, alas one can dream of owning such delights!


  2. Awesome collection! Did you ever find those perfect boots?

    Also I'm thinking of starting a Nottingham blogger meet-up if you're interested let me know? xx