Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Is that a sparkle in your eye?

johannaochjennifer shoes and socks / Prada Menswear A/W '11 / Miu Miu A/W '11 / eBay / Prada Menswear A/W '11 / Marc Jacobs A/W '11 (all

As I have previously mentioned, my obsession du jour is glitter. Not really on anything specific, just glitter. I recently read an article in the Telegraph on Good Taste (whose poster girls were Anna Wintour, Coco Chanel) vs. Bad Taste (Anna Dello Russo, who else?), which sort of inspired my Summer of Glitter. The article was not intended to criticise the fashion choice of anyone, the Good Taste Bad Taste concept was defined by the timelessness of the clothing involved. Breton tops, I'd hedge my bets that we'll still be wearing them in 50 years, fruits of the forest headdresses, not so much... I'd been stuck in a bit of a fashion rut before reading that article. While my views on motion sickness inducing stripes or banana earrings remain unchanged, sometimes we all need a little reminder to stop overthinking things and wear the stuff we like. And, whether it is tasteful or not, right now I want to roll around in a big old paddling pool full of glitter. Or failing that, a little pair of silver sparkly sunglasses would be the cherry headdress on my cake of an outfit. I particularly liked it at the Prada Menswear show (more men should wear glitter, don't you agree?), paired with camel jackets. Sorta makes it a bit classy. The same way that a hooker is classy if you put her in a trench coat...

What's your favourite 'tacky' thing to wear?

This will be my last wordy post for a little while, exams and whatnot. My life currently revolves around studying economic theories, watching Family Guy and eating buttercream, so my posts are likely to be less of my stream of conciousness ramblings until the end of June.


  1. Hahaha! You are a great writer. Honestly. Haven't come across a blog as insightful and witty as yours, missy.

    I have to wholeheartedly agree with you on the whole glitter situation, Lurex especially. Always gets my vote!

  2. Vivienne Westwood, arguably "bad taste". Actually love them more for their mischievousness!
    Thanks for the comment and interest, by the way! Really like your blog, hoping to trawl through your archives soon.
    Sarah x

  3. Love the patent wedges in the top left image the contrast with the pink socks is super cute- not to mention the miumiu shades..what I wouldnt give! Loving your blog, great topics and images now following, would love you to follow too. x