Friday, 18 May 2012

Total Betty

Mad Men Season 1, Ep. 13, 'The Wheel'

I am currently living a hermit lifestyle due to university exams. In my downtime I have tardily hopped onto the Mad Men bandwagon. Much like my obsession with Homeland (I watched it in a weekend...), I am rattling through the series faster than Don Draper gets through extra-marital affairs. Meanwhile, his better half (for now) Betty is where it's sartorially at. With her collection of cat-eye sunglasses and wardrobe full of dirndl skirts and shrunken sweaters, all in pastel hues, naturally, Betty Draper is the girl of the moment. She would squeal at delight at Prada and Rochas' s/s collections, and, well, Jil Sander's spring woman is her. I choose the discourse of the masters to express my love for her.

Outfits to envy,
Girlfriend can shoot a gun too.
Betty D. haiku.

Hands up who watches Mad Men and wants to be Betty or Joan?

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  1. I'm obsessed with mad men haha. great pic.