Sunday, 6 May 2012

Cool uniform

NW3 dress via Asos / Grey Coat Hospital shirt via John Lewis / Dr Martens via Topshop / American Apparel socks

It is this time of year, lighter mornings, longer evenings, that I will eternally associate with school summer dresses. That first Monday morning after the Easter holidays when the laundry fairies leave a freshly tumbled, freshly ironed cotton dress at the end of the bed to be thrown on after shedding the school uniform skin of winter - black, knitted tights and a big, in my case, red jumper. Before the days of shortening, ripping and subverting hated school uniform there was getting excited to wear a seersucker gingham dress and matching frilled ankle socks. However, this was only to realise that this excitement was a little premature, on chilly April morning walks to school when goosebumps pervaded.
I have spent a considerable amount of time perusing the John school uniform department, finding the perfect pinafore dress and countless charming summer dresses which had me wishing that they were made in big-enough-to-know-better size. NW3 knocked together this equally delightful adult summer dress, so for the very reasonable (if you are not a poor student) price of 99 English pounds, you can indulge in some school uniform nostalgia. Now, I wonder if I could swap my chocolate spread sandwiches and my yo-yo for my boyfriend's friends' old Grey Coat school shirts...?

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