Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Power to the pants

Stella McCartney and Givenchy pre a/w '13, via

After years of living in the dark, I am beginning to see the merits to trousers. As someone whose clothing choices are largely dictated by comfort, it is surprising that I have taken this long to return back to the warm bosom of pants. On the whole, I have been a skirt-wearer since I have been able to dress myself, a milestone which, by a cruel twist of fate, occurred at the same time as shooting up like  like a beanstalk and consequently none of the clothes in Tammy Girl would fit me. Since my spindly legs made my skirts look a good three inches shorter than my normal-sized friends and to avoid uniform detentions and hormonal boys in the year above snapping me on their flashy new camera phones, I had the inevitable annual August ordeal of finding a pair of school trousers to fit my frame. I'm sure my attitude to pants following this conforms to some sort of psychological avoidance theory, but I avoided them like they were knickers and I was Lindsay Lohan. All there was on offer was jeans, and they were uncomfortable - how does everyone wear them every day?! They didn't fit, let alone suit my body shape. It has only been in the last couple of years that I have reconsidered trousers as a viable wardrobe option, with the emergence of tapered and printed trousers offering an alternative to the plethora of indigo skinny jeans. I have been slowly rehabilitating myself and changing my habits: in the last six months I have bought a pair of leather trousers, American Apparel riding and accordion pants. I am looking to branch out and invest in a pair of patterned trousers, but I am finding this a difficult task, since patterns are so specific and I'm so picky. If I had my way I would be wearing either these Stella McCartney brocade joggers or these Givenchy cowhide numbers! Ideally with the matching shoes but I'd take whatever I could get. Long live pants!

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