Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Spring lovelies

Prada / Balenciaga / Miu Miu / Ashish / Simone Rocha s/s '13, all via vogue.co.uk

Some of my favourite looks from the recent fashion month. I particularly enjoyed the abundance of fur coats courtesy of Ms Prada, whether buttoned up to the neckline at her namesake label, or nonchalantly thrown over the shoulders at Miu Miu. Stripes obviously reign supreme next season, kudos if they clash, but my standout stripe has to be this navy understated pinstripe set at Balenciaga. Patrick Bateman would approve. I am a firm believer in roomy clothes, often finding myself buying one or two sizes above what actually fits me, both for comfort and aesthetics. Miu Miu took this and ran with it, offering plentiful slightly-too-big skirts contrasted with teeny-tiny crop tops (no one likes to look homeless) and, the Holy Grail, oversized coats. For spring, Ashish clearly looked to Deb of Napoleon Dynamite as his muse. Uncool Reebok trainers and scrunchies are a blast from the past for those who, like me, are a child the 90s. Reminiscent of school trips and Christmas discos, Ashish paired it with slinky sequins and scruffy hair to keep it modern. Matted hair and short fringes were the cherry on the spring/summer cake, which appealed to the same sensibilities which inspired my love of the oversized: anything that requires minimal effort and can be passed off as fash-un is fine by me. The same applies with Miu Miu's un-ironed dresses. There is a 'trend' I will never tire of. Simone Rocha was, by far, my favourite collection of this season, along with her two previous collections. It was a feast of texture, with high necks, sheer dresses, buttery leather, flashes of punchy neon lace and perspex accessories, brought back down to earth with oversized bikers, brogues and crisp white shirts. Perfection. We're barely into our jumpers but bring on the spring.

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